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Youth Courses

Youth Courses

What you need to know about our youth karate classes.

What to expect, and how long it takes.

Q: What is the best age to start karate?

A: Once a child is mature enough to listen to an instructor and follow directions, usually around age six.

Q: Is karate safe for a child?

A:  While any contact sport carries a risk, we believe the risk of injury is probably lower in our classes than in traditional childhood sports such as football, soccer or baseball. We understand that you are trusting us with your child and take our responsibility seriously.  Classes are closely supervised, students use protective gear, and discipline is stressed so that  our classes are as fun, educational, and as safe as possible. 

Q:  My child is having trouble in school, can karate really help?

A:  The answer is often yes.  We insist that our young students work hard in school if they want to  learn karate from us.  Children who are not yet motivated to study may be persuaded when their karate instructors reinforce what they are being told by parents.  Karate training promotes self discipline and focus as well, skills which tend to result in improved performance in life.

Q:  Won't martial arts make my child more aggressive to other children?

A:  We have observed the opposite effect.  Training to fight tends to make people less physically aggressive the rest of the week.  When someone has confidence that he can defend himself, he discovers that confrontations do not have to involve fear or violence.  For some, a hard workout also means releasing aggressions safely, then going home with a more peaceful demeanor. Finally, we are clear to students that we do not train bullies; we would ask a student to leave if he misused his training.