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Parent and Student Testimonials

karate testimonialWhat excites me about Isshinryu Karate is the core teachings are derived from proven Karate techniques from the 19th and 20th century, yet Isshinryu Karate has grown and evolved staying current with new modern techniques for self defense in the 21st century.

What stands out at Isshinryu Bushido-Kai are the Sensei's (instructors). Their commitment to the school and to each student is refreshing, my six year old son is receiving the same qaulity of attention as I am. We are gaining confidence, becoming physically and mentally stronger.

Doug M. of Rancho Mirage

I wanted a place where my son and I could learn together, the ways, teachings, discipline and art of Isshinryu Bushido-Kai. We can apply and practice the ways and teaching in every day life. It is reassuring to know that we can defend ourselves and love ones. We love it! We enjoy it! Very much woth it!

Irish L. Palm Desert

What brought you to Isshinryu Bushido-Kai?

I enrolled my children in the Isshinryu Bushido-Kai karate school because I had seen my son bullied at every

school he attended from 1st grade to 5th grade. My son used to be more of a passive child, he was very thin with braces and glasses. Bullies seemed to always seek him out no matter if we changed schools or spoke to school officials. This happened for years. I once watched an older boy pick him up and throw him into the street. Even though I was there at that time, I knew I wouldn't be able to always be there to come to his defense.

As a mother, it is very hard to see your child get harassed and hate attending school. I felt that learning karate might help my son at least have the ability to defend himself. Then, since I was enrolling my son in karate, I thought it would be a good idea to have his sister join as well, even though she did not have the same problems with bullying. I still thought as a female, it would be good for her to know some self defense.

How would you best describe your experience at Isshinryu Bushido-Kai?

FAMILY! Fast forward three years of karate training later! People can't believe the change that has come over my son. He has trained hard and achieved a brown belt ranking at Isshinryu Bushido Kai. Not only does he no longer have problems with bullies, but he has gained self confidence and self control. He walks straighter and he has a sense of pride in his accomplishment! His physique has even transformed due to the training exercises, he is fit and strong! Enrolling him at this karate school was one of the best decisions I could have made. I used the word "family" before because that is what this dojo is...a family! The senseis, senior kyus, karate students , and dojo parents really have a sense of camaraderie. We attend each others' events like birthday parties and also other gatherings outside of the dojo. We celebrate each other successes and stay strong together in failures. My son not only gained self defense skills that have changed his quality of life, he also made many new long term friends.

As for my daughter, I will never have to worry about her not being able to protect herself. I've often heard she packs a punch harder than some of the boys. =)

Jeanine A. Palm Springs

I came to Isshinryu Bushido-Kai with my son who was invited by my nephews. As I had to bring my son, I decided I would join rather than just wait for him.

It has been great learning with both of my children. We are one big family and we support and encourage one another. I recommend this for anyone who wants to spend more time with their kids.

Todd S. Cathedral City

Sensei Lefave told my mom about Isshirnyu Bushido-Kai and my mom came home and expressed her impressions and enthusiasm about this school of karate. My experience in Isshinryu Bushido-Kai has been excellent and it has helped me in so many aspects of my life.

Karissa M. Palm Desert

My boyfriend was in karate and one day I wanted to come and see him. I wanted to learn karate and have fun just as he seemed to in that class. It has been fun and I can control myself more as well as maim and defend myself.

Nicole J. La Quinta

Originally a friend brought me to karate, but after he reached yellow belt he stopped, but by then the pure enjoyment and benfits I was getting kept me comming back. From the beginning to now it has only gotten better. I would describe the first day as scary but exciting, now I would describe it as amazine, enjoyable, and full of benerits.

Kyle P. Palm Desert